Friday, November 23, 2007

About Me

Im a 54 year disabled nurse, who is SAHM to 6 cats and DH.
I live in Stafford, Virgina, 1 hr or so from DC, just stones through from the Potomac, an adjacent to Quantico, Marine base. I’m a 12th generation Virginian.

As far as being disabled, it is in my voice. I lost my voice after 9-11, however it had nothing to do with 9-11. To make a long story short, its due to the neuro receptors in my brain that work with the speech center, just as people who slur their speech after they have a stroke, their vocal cords are fine, their head is another matter. I have Spasmodic Dysphonia, abductor type (which is a whispery non existent voice) however I can sing normal and when I laugh its normal. Its classified as movement disorder, like ALS and Parkinson’s. For more information can read more about SD here. I have ABductor SD, the whispery voice that is becoming less and less audible.

Having SD has been a complete life change for not only me, but my husband who is a saint. It means large groups are avoided (its a strain if someone trys to talk to me, and I don't like just sitting there). We stay pretty much to ourselves or have just one or two people over or go to their house.

I have stitched all my life it seems like, I was taught cross stitch from my grandma Dubbs my OMA, german grandmother, that’s the lady behind me in my picture (that’s on my posts) then later I went to Needlepoint, then in 80’s when cross stitch really go going again, I went back to cross stitch, I have done mostly things to give away. I love Samplers, mainly I think because I love history. Recently I have developed a passion for Reproductions, such Needleprints Quakers, also it seems Im always on The Essemplaire or Scarlet Letter site, seeing what is new.

** Just a note I have received several comments regarding SD from people who for one reason or another feel they should share some new method or "Cure" for SD. Folks there is no cure, none, nada, zip. If you have some herbal, homopathic or some zen thing that gave you back your voice then you didn't have SD. So please don't leave a comment, I will just reject it.

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